Hotel Accommodation Online – Is It a Money Saver? |

One of the fastest growing internet resources in recent years has been the hotel accommodation websites. There are now a vast number of these sites that permit you to book accommodation in the hotel of your choice through the internet, from the comfort of your own home. Many of these sites indicate that they offer the best price deals available to you. At first glance, you can often access a bargain hotel stay from one of these comparison websites. However, it is not always the case that using such a site will guarantee you a good deal, particularly during peak times.Hotel comparison sites form a relationship with the hotels that they market, with the hotel paying a fee to the site. Naturally, the bottom line for any business is that its expenditure, of whatever nature, will have the impact of reducing its net operating profit. Therefore, if the charge for a guest to stay at a hotel is reduced by the amount paid to the comparison site, the profit of the hotel falls. Some hotels and hotel groups take the view that I is preferable to have a hotel that is full than one that is not, albeit that the guests are paying more per head, after the deduction of the website’s fees. However, some hotels will offer a cheaper accommodation charge if you contact them direct because, in that case, they will not be paying any amount to a third party intermediary.Whenever you are booking a hotel, it is advisable to contact the establishment direct, once you have checked online for availability and rate, in order to ascertain whether they can offer you a cheaper rate. You can also discuss directly with them the quality of the rooms that they have on offer.One area in which the internet has proved particularly helpful to travellers is the existence of Hotel Review Websites, where real travellers provide an insight into the accommodation that you may be interested in reserving. Whether you book your hotel though a comparison site or directly with the hotel group (either on their own website or on the telephone) it is always worthwhile going to one of the review sites to check out what other visitors have experienced.The key to booking hotel accommodation through the internet is to research as much as you can, compare prices offered directly with those offered through a third party comparison site and glean as much user-based information as you can. If you do all these, the prospects of you finding the hotel you want at an affordable price will be greatly enhanced.